For any event we host, we require that all guests follow the following rules:

  • Hospitality is key. You are responsible to be a good guest as much as we are responsible to be good hosts.
  • Consent is required for all physical contact. Silence is NOT consent. We don’t care how drunk or high you are – you still have to ask and get consent.
  • This is an anti-hate zone. Discrimination or hate speech will result in your ejection from the room.
  • Do not include anyone in a photograph, video, or audio recording without explicit consent. Please be aware that some workshops may be recorded – we will announce that ahead of time along with how to avoid being recorded.
  • Please be conscious of the people around you and how they may respond to your behavior. If someone says you offended them, apologize and don’t do it again.
  • If you offend us, or any other guest in the suite or event space, we reserve the right to eject you from the space and report you for disruptive behavior to the event organizers.